The most well known game on 4chan, with origins reaching back to 2010 and maybe even before then.


The basics involve using the last digit of the post number to "roll" and fill territories on a map. The maps can be of real world geography or fictional settings.


"Without any doubt risk exists from at least 2011. A decently high enough number of people claim it to exist since 2010, and some oldfags even claim it started around 2008." Swiss Dave, The Circle

"An archaic form of risk existed all the way back to 2006. Back then we just colored in squares and tried to form tribes from our squares." - Anthony da Cat, from The Circle

"I miss Mado, bring back the autocracy." - Ash, Most ebin of oldfags

Current BoardsEdit

  • 4chan - /int/, /pol/, /b/, /tg/, /mlp/,
  • 8chan - /risk/,
  • Other Sites - unknown


  • The Circle - The only existing community for normal risk as known to this author.

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